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2011 Covette GS, 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate
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For Sale:
Very nice Nitrous Outlets LS3 Direct Port Nitrous Intake. (Can also be installed on a FAST, MSD or any OEM Style PM me and we can chat about that)

Reason for sale: considering a big cubic inch turbo build.

I did all the line bending and install on this setup. It is one of a kind and will clear the stock C6 corvette hood and cowl without issue. You wont find one with cleaner or tighter bends.The car was set up to run E85 full time. This setup can run anything from a 50 shot up to a 400 shot with the right jetting & tuning.
  1. GPI Ported Rod Modded LS3 Intake Manifold (775)
    1. OEM LS3 fuel rail
  2. Direct Port Nitrous Outlet kit Custom Installed (2350)
    1. Machined Billet Rails
    2. All the fittings & spares
    3. 8 Nozzles
    4. N2O and Fuel Jets
    5. Extra stainless lines for direct port
    6. Extra tube nuts & flares.
    7. Pro-Mod Solenoids & Big Show Purge
    8. -6AN Stainless fuel feed lines w/adapters.
Asking 2500$ + Shipping (Cont. USA)
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