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I was putting together a NOS system last night and ran into a snag.
As I was putting the 6AN – ¼ NPT w/screen fitting into a NOS Pro-Shot solenoid and with only like ¼ turn after hand engagement it snapped off (yes I had loctite thread sealer w/teflon on it). I brought both the solenoid and fitting into work so I can figure out what happened as to avoid it happening again. I inspect the fitting and find that there is only 0.030 between the thread minor diameter and the c’bore that machined in for the screen! Are you kidding me,, 0.030 wall on an aluminum fitting that need to be tightened and handle 1000psi, how does that work?
I can get the fitting out and would like to replace it with a steel fitting as I don’t think breaking a fitting off during a fun will be much fun. What are you guys using for screens/filters on the nitrous side?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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