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nitrous engine question

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I am getting ready to change things up in my small block chevy, my question is
what are all the big hitters doing for compression ratios?
I have heard a while back that their lowering the compression allowing more nitrous into the cylinder. but lately I have been hearing of them running higher compression like 14-14.5:1?

motor is a 12* sbc, compression now is 13.5:1
im gonna bore the block out some and order new pistons, what should I go with? and the reasoning for it?

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It looks like 576 hit the nail on the head. The compression number is only a part of the equation, the quench area, dome size/configuration, chamber shape and size and so on are the important parts.. Thanks, SJ
ok I asked a buddy of mine about the quench area, he tried to explain it to me.
it sounds like the area between the piston and the combustion chamber. and he mentioned that for nitrous you want a larger quench area? so should I have my combustion chambers reworked?
YEP !!! ;) SJ
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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