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nitrous engine question

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I am getting ready to change things up in my small block chevy, my question is
what are all the big hitters doing for compression ratios?
I have heard a while back that their lowering the compression allowing more nitrous into the cylinder. but lately I have been hearing of them running higher compression like 14-14.5:1?

motor is a 12* sbc, compression now is 13.5:1
im gonna bore the block out some and order new pistons, what should I go with? and the reasoning for it?

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Well , i don't think compression ratio is the issue here , more like quench or in another term lack of..................nitrous motors are touchy regards tight quench , also got to be on top of the game as the tuning window is small , on a nitrous motor i shoot for around .070/.100" piston to head clearance , just my 02.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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