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I have a converter that will flash 5100 on the transbrake, when I shoot 300 hp of nitrous to it my et's pick up none. So I am asssuming the nitrous is blowing through the converter. Would it be safe to say they need to tighten my converter up to approx. 4600? And if they do this then I am sure my motor will feel like a pig right? Ok, so if tightening up the converter slows my motor then it seems like it will eventually slow my nitrous too. I kinda understand this logic but in return I am thinking yes it will stop it from blowing through the converter but also slow it down when it does hit because the converter being so tight?

A torque converter is a fluid coupler.The outside bolts to the engine,the inside attatches to the transmission.These two parts are "locked" together by resistance of the fluid against the fins inside the converter(this is a very simplified explanation).More torque,heavier weight,or higher gear make it harder for the converter to lock up.A converter that flashes 5100 behind a 355 at 2800lbs,will be MUCH higher behind a 632 at 3500lbs.
When you spray your motor you increase the torque,that converter was perfect NA but,now is slipping unable to lock and drive the rear wheels,instead it turns your extra horsepower into heat.
The fix...increase the fin angle,increase the diameter to hold more fluid,change the sprag design,or all three.
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