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As everyone knows, Barry Grant closed and parts are hard to get for their fuel pumps, regulators and filters.

Adam used to work at Barry Grant, Adam is a good person and I have had technical issue's with Barry Grant products/parts resolved because of Adam and resolved in a timely manner. Adam is also on this forum, his screen name is modracer and the link to him is below

Ninja Fuel Systems is Adam aka modracer on this forum. I have some kits from him we are moving, and he put together EXCELLENT quality parts and service parts for Barry Grant Items.

I used his pictures for the stuff I have in hand because his pics look like a professional camera man did them. These are just the parts I have verified fitment of so far.

Ninja Fuel Systems Needle & Seat Assemblies

Ninja Fuel Systems Replacement Filter for Barry Grant's BG5000 and the filter is not too short or too long to fit the canister

Ninja Fuel Systems O-Ring Kit for BG5000 Fuel Filters

Ninja Fuel Systems Diaphram for Barry Grant 2 Port Regulators

Ninja Fuel Systems "Jet Change Pack" , By the way I call it jet change pack not Ninja Fuel Systems, I call it a Jet Change Pack because it comes with two metering block gaskets, two fuel bowl gaskets and eight nylon bowl screw gaskets

Ninja Fuel Systems has all carburetor parts, including bulk gasket sets, bulk power valves, all the way down to single replacement parts. Ninja Fuel Systems can also rebuild and flow test different Barry Grant items (Contact Adam for details)

Here is the link for Ninja Fuel Systems on Facebook

Ninja Fuel Systems aka Adam aka modracer has very attractive prices on these items and he had one heck of a time getting manufacturers to make parts to his "tolerance" that was a MUST for him
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