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Go ahead. Get to googlin dumbfuck. So you can see that a Katana IS a Samurai sword. Dumbfuck.

Google can help you, too lmfao
Hilarious! You just proved my point, liberal dumbshit. You have no idea that a ninja warrior and a samurai warrior aren't the same thing. Both TopFun and I were referencing the actual warrior - a samurai would generally be from the upper class, and ninjas come from the lower class - not the weapons they would use. And who said anything about a samurai sword anyway? Only a sword swallower like you would be thinking of swords. Oh man, I'm still laughing! Thanks for making my day, bud!

Edit: More than an hour later and I am still laughing!

Edit again: 5 hours later and I am still busting out! I am so glad you learned something about history today @TurboSBC !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts