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Posted by: Katie Sullivan

I have had a lot on my plate these past couple of weeks, but I love staying so busy. Last week I began a new school program. I am now a full-time online student through University of Phoenix. So far, I am really enjoying it. It is a lot better fit for my lifestyle. I am still a part-time student at Chico State, so I spend a lot of time studying and doing homework. My dad and I are also so close to opening the doors to our trailer sales business. I become more and more excited everyday. I am in the process of painting the sign for the business. It took a little convincing, but I finally talked my dad into giving me a shot at designing and painting the sign. I love doing that kind of stuff.
We also took the Pro Stock Suzuki out for the first time two weekends ago to Kool April Nights at Redding Drag Strip. Even though we struggled I had a blast. The first night we tried to make a pass the bike threw the chain. Luckily it only did very minor damage, because it happened right as I came off the line. The next day the oil pump broke. I left the track and drove all the way to my parent’s house in Corning to grab the extra one we had on the shelf. I was trying to hurry back to the track because we didn’t want to run on a cold track, but I was determined to make at least one more pass. When I arrived back at the track we installed the new oil pump and were headed up to make another pass, but of course they had an oildown in front of us. By the time we went to make our pass the track was pretty cold and right as I came off the line the bike shot towards the wall. When I looked up and all I could see was guard rail I figured I had better pull the clutch in! We did struggle a lot that weekend, but for having the bike out for the first time we made progress. My good friend, Mike Fields Jr., came out to the track to help us get everything sorted out. I like to refer to Mike as a motorcycle genius.

As we were packing up Saturday night, I told my parents I was going home and then to the Sacramento Raceway the next morning. They looked at me like I was crazy, but they know about my racing addiction so they didn’t argue. I really wanted to go to the track because the last Jr. Dragster I drove was going to be running. We loaned it to a family, so their son could go racing. My dad and I both care about that car a lot because it has a lot of history with us. My brother, sister, and I all drove it. Plus, we have had about five other drivers in that car. We have had so many good times with the car we wanted to keep it, but I also didn’t want to see it sit and collect dust in our garage. I really wanted to find a kid that would really enjoy racing the car and I am so happy to say we found one. His name is Braden Kelley. I was so proud watching him at the track. He did an amazing job driving and he has a great family there helping him. I could not be more happy to see him in the car and I can’t wait to watch him progress. Great job Braden, I am so proud of you!
I home until about 3 a.m. Saturday night, and I was up at 6 a.m. getting ready to head to the track. Even with my lack of sleep it was a great day at the track. In addition to watching Braden run the Jr. Dragster, I also helped Ronnie Alves race his turbo bike. The turbo bike that he was riding used to belong to me and my dad, so I had a lot of history at the track that day. I was so wore out by the time I got home on Sunday, I just went straight to bed.
We took the Pro Stock Bike out this weekend at Funny Car Fever race at Sacramento Raceway. We were competing with the big boys in the fast bike class this weekend. We talked my dad into racing this weekend too. Good thing we did because he went all the way to the final. I told him that I think he has been holding back his race secrets from me. He hasn’t ridden in about six months, then he comes out and rocks his way into the final. Good job Dad! With my dad racing I had to talk Mike Fields Jr. into being my crew chief. He is a good guy to have around because not only is he smart, but he puts up with my constant laughing and bad jokes. A big thank you to Mike, especially for putting up with me. We finally made it down the track with the Pro Stock bike. We were running with a slower Pro Stock motor turned way down and ran a 7.70. That was a good starting point for us. We struggled again this weekend, but we are still making progress and that is what is important.
I am having an amazing time working on the Pro Stock bike with my dad. It is a pretty accomplishing feeling to be putting together our own team. Life is going great for me right now. There are so many exciting things happening. My little cat Torque is a trooper through it all too. He fits right into my life and I think he is pretty happy as well. Take care and I will update everyone soon
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