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Posted by: Bob Tasca III, Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford

We’re on our way to the airport and I’m just thinking about the great day here at Ford. It was the third year that I was invited to participate in for Ford’s “Take Your Kid to Work Day” in Dearborn, Mich. I’ve always said the best part of my job is spending time with the kids and we had a blast today!
It was great to have a day with all of the kids of Motorcraft/Quick Lane and Ford employees and doing a lot of different things. The kids had plenty of activities to choose from throughout the day from classes on how to make a commercial, designing a Ford Flex, to activities including racing a pinewood derby car, making a Ford ID badge and face painting.
The class that I hosted was All About Drag Racing. I always find it fascinating the quality of the questions you get asked from kids that are five, six, seven years old. We showed them some footage from our first win in Gainesville. I also told them about my role as a driver, and how my crew chief and team get our Mustang ready to race.

One thing I told the kids was that I’m the all-Ford kid in the all-Ford race car and the engineering and the support that Ford Motor Company gives us on both a performance and safety standpoint is second to none. The kids had a lot questions on safety, on-track performance and how to be a race car driver. It’s nice to spend some time and give some kids advice because I certainly owe a lot from people who have given me advice.

Before leaving for the day, I was invited to be a judge for the Ford Flex design contest. That’s always hard because you don’t want to vote in front of the kids who have all put in so much time into their designs. But at the end of the day, it’s no different than drag racing - someone has got to win, and someone has got to lose. All the kids were winners in my book.
After spending a great day with the children in Dearborn, I’m looking forward to spending a few days home in Rhode Island. The boys are getting ready for spring and summer. Unfortunately, the hockey sticks and skates have been retired for the season, but have been replaced by gloves and bats. My boys are ready for the baseball season to start.
See you next week at St. Louis!
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