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Hi I'm JT I'm building a 1983 Mercury Capri. It started out as a restore project but things got out of hand and it is becoming a street strip car with full roll cage, tin can interior, Tubular K-member with tube A-arms & coil overs, 351W bored & stroked a lottle, planning on a C-6 with 3:73 rearend etc.etc.... I'm hoping to have it on the road by next spring.
Here's a few pic's of how it sets now.

The car

My Garage

Interior and roll cage mocked up

Subframe Connectors going in...

Smoothing under the hood


Rear seat delete


veritas aequitas
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Let me be the first to say nice work phuckstick. keep us updated. looks like a good start.
So don't phuck it up. oh and welcome to the bullet.
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