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I've been lurking and searching for a couple of months and I have questions particular to my setup.

I have an older Cheater system that I'm putting on my Chevelle. Currently I have a stock 3/8" fuel pickup/sending unit in the tank but I had a return line installed in it for my electric fuel pump's return line. From the pickup I have 1' of 3/8" fuel line going into a fram fuel filter which 3/8" inlet and outlet. From the fuel filter to the fuel pump it's a double male 3/8" NPT. (The fuel pump is a Holley Blue.) From the pump to the Holley regulator is all 1/2" aluminum line. From both sides of the regulator to the carb bowls it 3/8" lines.

I'm planning on running 75 shot until I get comfortable and then a 100 shot. I may even push a 150 shot in a couple of months. My goal is 11.5's. Without the Nitrous I'm running 12.4 at Fontana.

My filter is like this one:

My Pump and reg are like these:

My questions are:
1. Do I need to upgrade my fuel pickup/sending unit to 1/2"?

2. Do I need to upgrade to a 1/2" line between the tank and the filter?

3. Should I be fine running a "T" to the first regulator (for the nitrous solenoid) and then ending the line in the second regulator for the carb?

4. What part of the fuel system should I install my fuel pressure gauge? Right now it's after the reg on the line to the front carb bowl.

Here's the details on my car:
-Full steel body except the 3.5" cowl ind. hood (3500lbs)
-15x5 and 15x8 Weld Draglites
-275x60R 15 Mickey T. ET Drag Radials
-4.10 Posi rear
-T400 with shift kit, Ratchet shifter, 3500 stall
-396 BBC (.060 over)
-Stock Oval Port Heads
-Holley 850, Performer RPM intake manifold, K&N air filter
-Headmen headers (1.75" primary, 3" collectors)
-3" exhaust, 3" H-pipe, 2 chamber Flowmasters
-9.5.1 Forged pistons
-Poly bushings front and rear
-Cam specs:Gross Valve Lift 0.520 0.520, Duration At 0.006 Tappet Lift 280 280
-MSD Digital 6 ignition (w/progamable retard)


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Myself, I think you would be borderline and pushing the stock 3/8 pick up. I would go to a 1/2" and know you have enough..

This being said, I would also upgrade the supply line from the tank to the filter to 1/2" as well

If I understand you correctly you want to "T" the 1/2" line at the front and feed your carb reg on one side and the nitrous reg on the other. If this is the case, your OK..

I would say your existing gauge is fine where its at, but you'll need to be able to set you flowing fuel pressure for the nitrous with something like this..

Thanks and hope this helps.. Steve

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I'm going to do the 1/2" upgrades as soon as I burn the fuel out of my tank.

After reading some more posts. I want to upgrade to a Holley Black fuel pump too.

I like your website and what you're selling. It's saved in my "Favorites" now.
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