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I hope this is ok, just wanted to post up a new product I came up with. The Dual 70 amp relay module!
What is it? As the name implies it's two 70 amp relays.
Each circuit is independent and can be activated using 12V, GND, or both just like the 20/40 amp relay center.
4.0″ W x 3.0″ L x 1.5″ tall the same as the nitrous/transbrake module and single stage controller.
LED indicators on the inputs and outputs for status checks and troubleshooting.
What's it good for? Just about anything!
It can be used for line locks, fuel pumps, water pumps, fans, bottle heaters, intercooler pumps, headlights, and nitrous kits just to name a few.
The compact size makes it perfect for motorcycles were space is at a premium. It is also excellent for for mounting in the trunk or hatch area where it would be close to components mounted in the rear of the car.
Go here for more info and purchasing:
I also have a facebook page now: Nitrousdave's Racing Electronics
Please don't ask about pricing or shipping here, go to the website or PM me. Thanks for looking!
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