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Talking the latest model here. I'm sorry, but what a pile of shit. Page after page of problems with the latest Camaros. They have compiled their own "inspection" list for buying one on Camaro5. And God forbid you don't buy a Convertible. Gm is doing buybacks. Some owners are on their THIRD top.:smt078

Some Camaro fans at Camaro5 have put together a list of owner-submitted things to watch out for with the new Camaro. Although they point out that not every other Camaro that rolls off the line is a bucket of fail—this isn't the Xbox 360, after all—there do seem to be enough production issues that you should inspect the vehicle very carefully before leaving the dealership.

Here's their list:
Also note: This list is mainly a checklist for things wrong that a dealer can immediately fix. A broken transmission or bad drive-shaft from dropping the hammer is something that they won't know until it actually happens. Thank you for submitting all your issues.
001. Loose Bolts that hold fluid back causing leaks (ex: on oil pan, tranny fluid)
002. Trunk Locking mechanism (issues with opening w/o adding down pressure to top of trunk first and/or emergency release appears to be loose keeping the trunk from locking properly)
003. Loose plastic paneling around the 4-gauges cluster, launch control, cigarette power plug as well as Left and Right A-Pillars Trim Loose, sill trim loose, and dash pannel where doors and dash meet popping open.
004. Loose Spoiler/installed correctly (Re-torque Spoiler bolts)
005. Wiper transmission cable overheating from engine causing a short circuit.
006. Matching Headlight Halos strength. (one defective being dimmer then the other).
007. Mismatched paint on parts of the vehicle (including gas door). As well as paint runs or clear coat runs. Paint Chips.
008. Loose Rocker Panel "Chevrolet" causing it to peel off.
009. Minor Problem With Window Indexing.
010. Ambient Lighting on doors defective.
011. Bad radiator (leaks).
012. Hood release/latch issues (won't unhook to open the hood).
013. Gap at base of ONStar Antenna.
014. Battery cable routing near the starter has been done.
015. Digital Speedometer is off. Also keeps going on and off.
016. Bottom pulley shakes and needs replacement per dealer.
017. Broken tranny.
018. Ignition Mechanism Issue with key getting stuck in car.
019. Non RS taillights installed on RS equipped cars (all 4 of them).
020. Rocker Panel aligned with body and clipped incorrectly.
021. Bumper rubs with body
022. Trunk won’topen with switch or remote
023. Incorrect speedo/tach gauge ring color
023. Ambient lighting on drivers doornot as bright as passenger door
024. Doors gaps /alignment
025. Dirt/bubbles in rally stripes
026. Door panel scratched from seat belt.
027. Shift knobs wearing out extremely fast could be faulty material
028. AC system stops blowing cold air in random durations, most likely blockage in AC drainage and/or AC draining into the car instead of beneath it
029. Clunking noise in changing gears
030. Trunk won’topen with remote and laser cut key
031. USB drive and aux port does notwork
032. Squeaky Breaks
033. GFX installed incorrectly
034. Rims and tires notin good condition (coming off carrier in bad condition/damaged)
035. Check for damage in the interior, basic procedure
036. Check the locking mechanism of both doors
037. Scraping sound for a second when backing up
038. SS emblem on trunk is loose
039. Loose interior windshield trim loose
040. The front GFX lip is coming loose at the double sided tape
041. The front passenger brake rotors are wearing with a dark colored groove
042. Hood latch handle on inside of cab doesn't retract properly (just hangs)
043. Scratches in seats
044. Oil cooler leaking
045. Once in every 10-15 times I unlock the car, the drivers side door is still locked, while the locking knob on the door is in the "up" position
046. Faulty gas gauge (improper readings)
047. Missing paint around the headlights
048. Bleed screw on clutch slave cylinder loose
049. Stickers on rockers peeling
050. Scratches on window pillars
051. Misaligned body & door panels as well as hood not centered properly (more to one side then the other)
052. Alignment of doors to dash interior the door interior seems to sag below the dash interior
053. Drivers side roof light( the one with the toggle switch) only works when its toggled over to the passenger side
054. Door sill decals peeling up
055. Paint swirls in driver/passenger door
056. Drive-shaft connection to the differential cracking when dropping the clutch
057. Tach Needle Sticking
058. Wiper motor wiring comes through bottom of the cowling-well in front of the driver. (The fix (decided upon between the dealer and myself) was to re-insulate the wires, cover the harness with a hard, slick plastic covering, drill a small hole in the bottom of the cowling-well (fill the hole with silicone) and use a cable tie down like the rest of the wiper harness uses to secure the harness to the floor of the cowling (the grommet will collapse downward with little force), far away from harm from the wiper arms.)
059. engine makes continuous clicking noise, starting roughly 5 seconds after engine starts
060. Door Sill plates wrinkled on outside edges (both sides)
61. Trunk gasket at bottom of rear window coming off
062. Uneven Dash (driver's side dash is lower then passenger's side)
063. Passenger/Driver's side Fender alignment off. (wheel cover well had to come off, then loosen fender bolt, and it pops right in place)
064. Key won't stay in folded position
065. Faulty Tail lights.
066. Weather stripping at back of rear windows loose (I can literally grab and peel it back).
067. Missing or peeling paint between trunk lid and spoiler (right rear section)-could possibly spread over time down the trunk lid.
068. Driver's seat makes clicking noises when set all the way back.

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I saw a yellow one on power tour that the rear bumper color was way off from the quarter.

All cars have some issues but alot of the gen 5 owners are their own breed.


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Hey Comet, if you hate the car so much why do you spend that much time on a forum dedicated to it? Just curious. :)

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they are built in queerbec no suprise

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who's putting this cars togather humans or robots?

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I have owned mine for a year now, and haven't experienced any of the items listed.

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Who cares?

How's the radio? :p

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should have figured as much the 2010 has 180 tsb's already. I dont think its a chevy or ford issue, i think its more of a china fucking americans deal

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Buy a Challenger!!
Challenger is just as bloated and overweight as the Camaro, how do I know, I bought #17 SRT-8, 6.1. I would get the Mustang next in a heartbeat and it is the best looking of the three and certainly the fastest! Dave

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I love my 2011, and no one can tell me otherwise.
But I did notice that with my paint, the doors are a different shade of synergy than the rest of the car.. In the right sunlight it's obvious.
I've talked to other owners with the same problem, at least with the green.

Only issue.

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Those complaints on Mustangs and Camaros sound like bulletins which all automakers have mainly because the dumbass kids they hire cant fix anything without a bulletin because they are parts replacers. So the factory puts out bulletins on everything that has ever happened to the car. I have worked with people that thought "If there isnt a bulletin , It isnt broke "
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