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Went to the track sat

Ran a string of 10.90.s 11.0's with the best 60 ft of 1.59 on the motor

Then I wanted to make one nitrous pass at the end of the day

It ran 9.59 at 139 with a 1.36 60 ft 6.08 at 112 to the 1/8 weighed 3480 with me in it after that run

Want to thank Monte Smith for flowing my Double cross bar plate. Taking the guess work out of tuning this thing And Lenny at UCC for making me a bad ass conveter. That seems to love the juice

They bitched after that run cause my cars not legal for the 9's So I could only make that one run

Tune was 52 n 40 f with 4.75 FFP with 26 total from 36 i was running on the motor

Heres the Video of that pass
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