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Brent Stein's brand new mustang. SSO, L/S, DR, S/S, OSCA EZ/S cross over.

Racing Junk ad# 1287540

True 10.5, SSO, drag radial or S/S ‘04 Cobra
This is the lowest, cleanest and most detailed car you’ll ever see! Concourse show perfection!
Brand new car! – no passes other than an 80mph cruise to make sure it steers and stops
Parker Chassis 25.2
SKRC Strange Spindle Struts with Strange race brakes
Aluminum rad
Smoothed upper wiper panel
Joe Van O carbon hood lays against the windshield
Cynergy Composites Cobra bumper
Steel fenders extended to the windshield
Stainless steel headers – custom one into two sides exit turbo exhaust
Programmed designed laser cut mirror stainless exhaust trim rings
Smoothed engine compartment
Remote Mezziere water pump
Polished everything!!!
Custom interior with stock door panels
Kirkey Aluminum Seat with black cloth cover
Stroud current belts
Stroud window net – formed to chassis
Power windows – all brand new glass
Carbon dash
Chromed pedals
Racepak UDX
Hurst Pistol grip shifter
AMS 1000 boost controller
Allan Dudley Wireless cable Blaster
MSD Digi 7 7531
Custom intercooler with Mezziere pump – beautifully plumbed and polished
Wired by Mark Stein – Steinboyz Dragsports – the nicest wiring you’ll ever see!
Speedwire Systems unit
Beautiful black powdercoated sheetmetal with chrome accents
Steering wheel extension – chromed
Steering shaft – chromed
Sheetmetal chromoly rear end housing with Strange Dual calliper brakes painted base clear
New Strange Chromoly drive shaft
AFCO dbl adjustable coilovers
Stroud Chute with chrome chute mount
SKRC 18" wing with custom spill plates and chromed wing struts hung on a factory trunk
Polished Aluminum fuel cell
Chrome wheelie bars
Magnafuel 750 EFI pump
American Racing Trak Stars with Sheppard rear dbl beadlocks
Al Moody SBF – single turbonetics turbo (big frame reduced) custom Hogan intake elbow, GRP rods, custom turbo grind, Stef’s pan – all top notch stuff with zero runs!
Turbonetics NewGen wastegate and Godzilla Blow off valve
Lentech bulletproof 3sp trans – zero runs
$30,000 black paint job inside out and upside down – the best you’ll see on any car. Every chassis bar is painted base clear graphite charcoal grey with polished skid plates on the door X’s
This car was a spare no expense project with the best parts available. The car was designed to sit super low and is the cleanest most trick small tire (will accept a big tire) car that you’ll find. Concourse show perfect fit and finish! Every hose passes through bulk head fittings. The car is 7.60 capable with the reduced (85mm) turbo and SSO competitive (bottom 7’s) with a larger 91 or 94mm inlet. Turbo mount built around a large frame turbo so it will accommodate a 106 or larger turbo as well. This would make an excellent SSO, L/S, OSCA EZ/S, Drag Radial or S/S car – full cross over potential!
Car scaled 50/50 and weighs 2600 empty. Could be made a lot lighter with ease. All ballast tig welded weight bars included – polished caps too!
It would cost in excess of $180,000 to replicate this car – I’m open to offers and/or trades – preferably 30-40ft express cruiser boat. Will also consider selling it rolling.
Brent Stein 705-534-0369 home
705-331-5573 cell
705-726-5033 office
[email protected]

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i'm glad someone posted this- it is exactly what i am building (or Sheppard i should say) and i have been trying to get a visual. Only difference is mine will have a wild wrap, Proline Power and black wheels. Same hood, wing, chute, cage color is the same, turbo mount and front bumper is the same-

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Isn't that the car that Dan Parker did some work on not very long ago? If so, I thought it was basically brand new. It's a beautiful ride! I hate to see you selling but I wish you the best of luck if thats what you want/need to do.

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Anyone that knows Brent will tell you he pays TOO much attention detail. I have seen him feather dusting between rounds. There are lots of winning show cars that wont be as detailed as this car, it is really sweet.

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Thanks a lot everyone. It's nice to hear the compliments after all the time, $ and passion that went into this build. It was a lot of late night thrashes to get it not only completed but completed with a high level of detail and fit/finish. The new owner will save a ton of time and $ with this purchase.

This is the car Dan Parker built for us. We got the car home in January as a roller and completed everything else here at home. Scott and Jay from Hitman Hot Rods did a lot of work to get it ready - extended the fenders, mounted the hood, pedals, shifter and a bunch of other misc details. They also scaled the car (50/50 BTW - 2600lbs with factory glass and power windows!) and got it all aligned and ready for duty.

This car in done exceptionally well and the new owner has a brand new car to start their racing ventures or show car series.

A bit of activity already but no solid offers.

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