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I recently installed a Shiftworks in dash tachometer for a client. The car is a 65 Malibu SS. The tach was a small part of a huge job. New engine, I converted it from a glide to a 700r4, converted his shifter, rewired his MSD6 (6200) box as it was hacked in to begin with. Solved several other electrical issues as well.

The distributor is an MSD Streetfire unit that has been converted to use an MSD 6 box. ( stock type HEI module removed, using the 2 wire reluctor to trigger the MSD box)

Initially the tach would not register anything above say 500 rpm. It was obvious there was an issue from the get go. I brought in an MSD Tach adapter today and wired it as instructed. The tach then did not respond at all. So, I wired the adapter up using the alternative diagram. No luck.

Here are the relative links...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shiftworks is closed at this point in the evening and I would like to roll this car this weekend.

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