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Need recommendation a trailer winch battery

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?I need to replace my winch battery..

I was thinking of getting a deep cycle, dry cell but wanted opinions first.

What are you guys using and what do you recommend?
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What do you use to recharge the battery?
regular battery charger
760CCA Group 31. I would use either a Trojan or East Penn/Deka. No need for a dry cell.
still deep cycle/marine?
I would use a regular wet cell. The AGM is like 3x the cost. Deep cycles are almost 2x as much. If you are just winching, it will be like a start application for the battery. It is designed mainly to drop tons of amperage when starting a big truck. If you were using a smaller automotive sized battery you would be cycling it much deeper than the group 31. If you are going to use it for other things (stereo, lights, etc) while not a charger, then consider a deep cycle.

I found this

The others look like soooo much money.
Can I use a regular car battery?
You can use one. But look up a East Penn Deka 1031 MF battery. Should be available for well under $100 at any big truck stop, repair center, or a battery supplier. Make sure to only get the 760CCA battery (it actual will test around 1000amps). The 760 will last longer than the higher CCA batteries. The 1031 is less money, and will last 2 years longer on average. (Because the plates are thicker)
Dude, I just learned that they have an office within a mile of my house.
Ill go tomorrow.

Think it's ok to run 4 ga cables from the trucks main battery to it so I can run the truck with it hooked up to charge it?

Wow run on sentence.
4ga is a bit overkill, likely 6g will work fine. The battery if really down will accept 50ish amps for a couple of minutes and then drop off fairly quickly to 25amps. So really heavy cables are not necessary. But bigger is better, so dont let me discourage you from the 4ga. :) You can get Anderson Ends in 4 and 6ga as well as really heavy guages. If you go with 4ga, and use Anderson Ends, you can use the hookup for other things too, like a booster cable, 12volt outlet, etc.
thanks... i got the 1031mf. It was 109.99 direct from East Penn.
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