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need info on a racepak v50 version 2.0

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how can i monitor driveshaft speed with a 12 bolt rearend since a slip collar will not fit.. do they make something for the tranny yoke and a bracket ??
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I believe Inland Empire Driveline makes a yoke that has a flange a collar well fit onto.

I have seen some people turn down a spot on their factory yokes to mount a collar.

All else fails, you can epoxy magnets on the yoke.

As for a bracket, you're on your own to fab one up as I know of nobody that makes one for that..

As for trans mount depending on the trans, you might be able to put a collar on the output shaft on the inside of the tailshaft housing, then drill and tap the housing for the sensor.
Then the question will be, is there a machine surface on the back of the yoke that a split collar will clamp around? If so, put a collar on it and fab up a bracket to hold the sensor.

If not, you'll have to see if you have enough room in the trans tail shaft housing to fab something up, or epoxy magnets on the pinion yoke and fab a bracket for the sensor.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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