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I will be running a edelbrock 4500 plate and a fogger. This is a carbed 383 LT1 with a MSD crank trigger, brodix -10 heads, callies rotating ass, custom wisco nitrous pistons, 12-1cr, .040 quench, powerglide, 3.89 gears, 1050 dominator, brodix hv1002 intake, cam high 26x low 28x duration @ .050, .732 .730 lift, 112LSA =4 advanced.

I want to know a good starting point for the plate should I use edelbrocks jetting or lean it out a little. I think I would like to start spraying 150, 200 then 250 thru the plate to dial in the suspension then start with the fogger at 250. I'm not sure what is a good jetting combo for the plate/ then the fogger to be 250rwhp?

The plate says 950n PSI 6.5-7f PSI
57/63 100 32* timing
71/75 150 30
85/89 200 28
104/108 250 26

Are these good starting points or still too rich?

The fogger I have no idea where to start at a on line calculator said 28n/26f at 950psi/7psi which from reading here this seems a little rich. So is that a good starting point or shouls I try something like 28/22 at 5.5psi?
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