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need help( boiler heat no flow)

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I cut a skylight in my bathroom and cut three of the copper water pipes in the plaster ceiling. After making bypasses around the hole cut I filled the system by opening valve to the feed. The manifold is a large cast pipe with smaller cooper pipe 3/8 ID coiming off to the rooms 10 total. Each copper pipe has a bleeder to let the air out. I did remove air from two zones. I turned the thermostat on and the furnace and pump kicked on but after a half hour of bleeding only on zone is getting hot water. This pipe is the closest to the pump. Thinking the zone was getting the most flow I closed the valve for that one zone thinking the pressure would push to the other that were still cold. Pressure on the system is around 11lbs. I made a appointment for a heating guy to come out but cant come till next monday at $115 an hour unless I want to pay for OT then 155 an hour. Any thoughts or procedures that I might of missed.
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Go to the furthest zone in the house from the boiler and bleed there.
Did start from he farthest bleeder,entire manifold is hot but only hot 6" into the copper lines then cold except for one zone.
hook hose onto heater flush system you still have air in it, let water run for few min
are there any shut off valves on the manifold, you will need to have either the supply or return shut off to be able to force the air out of the individual loops
hook hose onto heater flush system you still have air in it, let water run for few min
close the return put the hose in a bucket and run until you dont see no air more bubbles
keep us updated...
There is a large handle type valve on the return. I shut this valve and opened the drain and did get just a tad of air. The trouble I think is the incoming water from main has a direct path to the drain as the retun valve is above the water feed. Or with the main valve shut the water can bypass to the drain without going to any of the zones. Stumped I dont see anyway of forcing water through the differnt zones to push the airlocks. Also tried shutting the individual valves on the two zones that are flowing to try and force the pump to push with no luck.
do you have a circulator pump is it working or else you got to keep bleeding
Sounds like air but i hope you did not solder the lines shut. I have seen it done, some think if a little solder is good alot must be better and block the pipes. Strange i know but just saying.
Turn the pump off, keep the water pressure up to about 25lbs and keep bleeding.
Does have a circulation pump ,not sure on how to turn up the pressure. Got a second one to flow after letting it sit over night got more air out. I'm still trying really not wanting to pay for something I should be able to do.
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