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Hello all.

I've decided to finally delve into the tuning world with my T-Bird this year, and I could use some advice. I have little to no tuning experience, (just adjusting FP and timing, watching the wideband) but i learn pretty quick.


1988 2.3 Turbo

My options that I've seen so far:

MAF Conversion with a Moats Quarterhorse
Speed Density conversion with Moates Quarterhorse

The idea here is to get rid of the stock metering system for this car (VAM, piece of crap) and be able to actually TUNE the car. I also plan on running lager than stock injectors. ( I have ALL the other supporting modification done, like a big vlave head, opened up intakes, larger turbo, exhaust, AFPR, larger FP, ect ect...)

What would be a good system to start tuning with? I can get a decent base tune to start with for the MegaSquirt, and I can start with the stock .Bin files for the other two. Price is really not an issue, just ease of use and ability to get the car running well quickly.
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