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Anyone one going to the National Rifle Matches???

2008 NM Calendar
16 July
NRA Smallbore Practice
17 July
NRA Position (Iron)
NRA Competitor Meeting
NRA College Night
18 July
NRA SB Position (Any)
19 July
CMP Rimfire Sporter Clinic
NRA SB Position (Team)
NRA Drew Cup
NRA Award Ceremony
20 July
CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle Match
NRA Prone (Iron)
NRA College Night
21 July
NRA SB Prone (Iron)
NRA Competitor Meeting
22 July
NRA Dewar & Randle
NRA SB Whistler Boy
NRA Team Day (Met/Any)
23 July
NRA SB Prone (Any)
24 July
NRA SB Prone (Any)
NRA Awards Ceremony
25 July
CMP/USMC Jr HP Clinic Reg AM/
Instruction PM
Rifle SAFS Reg AM/PM
26 July
CMP/USMC Clinic Firing AM/PM
Rifle SAFS Instruction AM
Rifle SAFS Firing PM
27 July
M16 EIC Match
CMP/USMC Clinic Firing until 1030
Squadded Practice 1100
28 July
CMP President's Rifle Match
NM Visitor Reception
29 July
CMP National Trophy Individual Rifle Match
30 July
CMP Hearst Doubles Team Match
NRA Whistler Boy Junior Team Match
USMC NTIT Clinic 1400
Carbine Match Clinic 1600-1800
31 July
CMP National Trophy Team Match
CMP M1 Carbine Match
CMP Military Rifle Clinic 1600-1800
1 August
CMP National Trophy Infantry Team Match
CMP Springfield-Vintage Military Rifle Match
CMP Garand Clinic 1600-1800
CMP Shooters Reception 1800-1845
CMP National Trophy Rifle Award Ceremony 1900
2 August
CMP John C. Garand Match
CMP Garand Clinic 0900-1100
CMP Springfield-Vintage Military Rifle Match Continued
CMP Games Festival Closing & Awards 1700
3 August
NRA Springfield Match
4 August
NRA Team Matches Enlisted Rumbold
NRA Competitor Meeting
5-8 August
NRA HPR Championship
8 August
NRA Award Ceremony
9 August
NRA HP Long Range (1000x2)
10 August
NRA HP Long Range Championship
11 August
NRA HP Long Range Championship
12 August
NRA Palma Individual
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