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Been waiting forever for the aftermarket Buick 455 block to be completed with which I was going to build something around 520CI NA.

I sat out last season after selling my old BBB to help pay for a max-effort engine based on that new block........Still waiting :cry:

So in the meantime,(something to build now)How much SBC tech can be used on an engine thats between 440-470CI......
One issue is the 3.250 main and Cast crank.
The Buick Nailhead used a forged steel crank with 2.5" mains stroke is 3.64(2.250 rod journal allows offset to gain stroke?)
The 455 used 3.90 stroke and 4.312 bore,Most just go to 4.350 and use .030over Chrysler rings.
OR.......The 430 block used 4.1875 if a smaller CI would benefit.
There's so much more to the question,Let me know what you think so far.

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I'd prefer to use a Forged crank, and get the journals sized down to the post you made about the block.... and get the rod journals down to around 2.00"... Focus on making the crank as light as possible.... get it gun drilled, the throws profiled, and drilled... I have a good crank shop that can do all this.

As for ring package... sky is the limit.... we can get pretty creative on the ring package.

As for the CID... depends on the rules you're trying to fit under. Then we have to look at the efficiency of the heads. If the rules allow a smaller engine to be lighter, and the heads will work better on the smaller engine then we should focus on that. If the rules are one weight for one family of engine.... then it's another story.
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