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Mike you got the procedure down.....Ive been filling bottles since 1989 like that, get the stand from NOS or Nitrous supply, or Steve Johnson, Some bottles DO have siphon tubes, just make sure you get them without it, Then Just freeze your little bottle for 1-2 hours, before filling it turn it upside down, open the valve, a little nitrous will come out, and then a lot of air will come out, this gets the bottle even colder, so cold you wont be able to hold it!!. Then just close the valve, put it on a scale, Hook up the line form the mother bottle, leave it a little loose, crack the valve on the mother bottle to "purge" your transfer line of any air, and be careful that you dont overfill the 10lb bottle, its not hard when its frozen....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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