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With 2 DiVinci 4150's, 1150's worked out to ea. flow just above 1,200, on a Wilson 'Sheet Metal' built/tuned to our heads ..... How much of a n2o shot(s) (total amount, even if in separate stages) will the 'duo' support ... just asking about what the carbs will support ..... heads, chambers, etc. a totally separate subject which I'm working out. Motor's a 565 built for n2o.

Appreciate any responses ... need opinions other than my own given advancements in technology.

The carburetors in and of themselves won't care how much nitrous you're using since you're injecting fuel with the nitrous. As you get to larger amounts of nitrous and number of stages the carburetors may need to be calibrated a little different, but that's it...
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