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I went to the bracket races Saturday to borrow a nitrous pressure gauge from Kevin Estes (Bowevil) to test against mine. Test confirmed what I suspected - thanks!

Anyway, he was there with his son's Jr. Dragster. I hung around to watch and help out if they needed anything and it was a blast!! I've seen them run and I have been somewhat interested in them especially since my daughter is creeping up on the age to get into them. After being up close with them they are even that much cooler!

The racing is as tight and the kids are as serious as NHRA Pro Stock (that 8 or 9 year old girl was a riot!!!), but you can tell they are really having fun with the racing and each other too.

Kevin did his stuff as crew chief. NHRA limits the fastest cars to 7.90 (in the 1/8, which would be a low 12) but many of them are capable of MUCH quicker. (equivalent to an 11.0 ride in the quarter!) I got there after the 2nd qual. round and he ran two 7.93x passes. That's keeping it consistent! He was running right on his dial until after 2nd round. It got cooler and the car fattened up and slowed to a 7.94 Ryan got to the semis (actually was 4th round after the other people's buybacks) and ran a 7.934 on a 7.930 dial-in but lost it on a hole shot.

It was some TIGHT racing for sure! Kevin also showed me how to start the engine and set the idle where he needed it for the burnout and let me do it all night. That was cool. I'd fire the car and set it and signal hi son to go ahead and he'd do his burnout and Kevin would raise the idle where he wanted it and stage the car. I really enjoyed that - thanks! Cool to that close with it.

The whole group seemed pretty tight too. In fact one guy had the battery in his starter die. After the opponent fired up, he borrowed another one and it didn't have enough battery. The other kid was already about to do a burnout. He yelled STARTER!!! and 2 people yelled and pointed to theirs yelling TAKE IT and another 2 literally were running with theirs to get it to him. He got one and it fired right up and I believe he won that round, but don't recall. No one wants to win a round because the other guy had a dead battery and it was cool to see everyone jump in to try to help.

That's the stuff REAL racing is all about. Thanks again Kevin - I learned a lot and had a blast.
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