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MSD ignition questions. 6AL Still Good?

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Hi fellas. Im running a MSD 6AL with a 3 steb in the drag car. Mild BBC with a small 100 shot from time to time just incase. Im looking for a retard box and maybe even the start retard function. Is the 6AL still a good box to add this retard module to or are the digital units WAY better? I can buy a nice used retard box but got to thinking if Im leaving anything on the table by not being digital? Thanks!!
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If you have an old 6AL keep it in there most of the new stuff made in China you figure out the rest.....
Still run a 6Al and have two spares here. One reason i haven't upgraded, and to be honest i don't think i would pick up any if i did.
Still using an MSD 6-al from about 1998.
Still works fine for me......
Some real fast cars still run 6al . I switched last year from a 6 to a 7531 and like the record function. It has helped me see what my engine is doing. jm.02
Still running the 6al here too.
The 6AL and the 7AL is some of the best ignitions ever made.Simple and rarely fail.
i still have 6t and 8730, 8690 modules from the 80's dirt car still kicking ,they were supported, water proofed, and insulated better than any reg. 6 box ever made . it was the box painted blue with ford and chevy numbers for nascar and below
I run a 6AL with a 8979 controler works very well.
I've got a 6al that been working fine from at least 1992-1994.
You will see zero difference on the race track swapping unless your box is broke.
I need to buy a box too, MSD 6 dig or analog?? whats best coil for the 6??
Stick rocking the 6al and 3 stage timing retard box here.
I need to buy a box too, MSD 6 dig or analog?? whats best coil for the 6??
Can you still buy an analog 6al? I see they have an analog 6aln which means approved by nascar for the connector or something?
Not sure the motor i have has crank trigger and billet dist w crab cap. on SBC. I was thinking msd 6 due to price but not sure now.
Just read up on the 6al digital, its not programable just different way of firing. Like i said i have 3 older 6 AL's so i haven't read up on the new stuff except the grid. So the 6Al digital would be fine, and i like to use the Blaster high vibration coils. Shoot me a pm on a price.
I need to buy a box too, MSD 6 dig or analog?? whats best coil for the 6??
The digital 6 is a nice setup for the $ ... I use HVC coil also.
I'm putting togerther a new dragster and I was going to buy a new digital.But after taliking to some other racers decided to put a 7AL I had on the shelf in.They said its kind of a pain to have a laptop everytime you need to make a change.Also in bright sunlight you can't see the screen.So I figured why waste the $.I'm sure there are features in some classes the digital is essential, but for me a bracket racer no big deal.
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