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Mr Wonderful goes 7.76 !

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Tim Oros AKA - "Mr Wonderful"

Who races w/the Outlaw Super Stock & Modified Super Stock organizations.

Tuesday the 16th @ RT. 66 raceway

@ 3330 lbs w/.042 N2O jet
RT - .063
1/8 - 4.983 @ 141.47
1/4 - 7.765 @ 175.52

500 C.I./12* Jimmy Lopez Racing engine

Fast Forward Welding(Aaron Stapleton) - BAD ASS Chassis

Nice Job !!!!!
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Yeah that Dave sure knows them powerglides eh? :-D
Dave said anything more tha two speed and he gets confused.. :-D
purple66bu said:
Thats what im talkin about...CHICAGO STYLE!!
Chicago sucks!! Pure and simple.. Yu guys honestly were never the front runners in anything except traffic jams from your non-driving asses!!!
Nilla we set you guys ass in place many times in the years past!! Then you guys ran away and didnt wanna race Detroit anymore cause it was obvious we ALWAYS won!!!
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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