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Seems like a horribly mismatched combo of parts.

That's a lot of cubic inches for such small cyl heads. I could see it on a fairly low RPM street engine but with 13.1 compression? Were they running it on E85 or race gas just to run it or were they actually trying to make some HP on a "street engine"??

The cam really looks like something I would not touch with a 10ft pole. It has practically no valve lift but tons of @.050 duration..... .650 lift is hyd cam territory..... The lobe center number is not something I usually worry with. Without the advertised duration and how the cam was degreed in, you can't determine the valve events which is what is really important.

Just from what I can see, whoever put that together had no clue or really mediocer goals for the engine and figured whatever shit he had laying around would do the job.
It happens.
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