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More Scum!!!

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Watch the video. It has to do with the renter. So becareful who you rent to. The original story is below. then whatch the video at the link for a follow up. A real peice of work.

Troubleshooter investigates 'stolen' home

Posted: June 19, 2008 06:36 PM EDT

By Charla Young
WAVE 3 Troubleshooter

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - A homeowner called our Troubleshooter Department looking for results after she said the tenants she agreed to rent the home to moved several weeks early. In fact, she says she can't even enter her own property because the tenants changed the locks. WAVE 3's Charla Young investigates.

Cathy Kerr signed a contract with a couple to lease her home on Savannah Street in Elizabethtown, Kentucky beginning July 1st. But the tenants moved in early, on June 13th.

"He stole my house," Cathy said. "He absolutely stole it. He invaded my peace of mind. We told him if he would pay half of this month's rent on that day, we said we would hold it for him until the first."

Cathy had given the renters keys to the property to get more cable connections. But a few days later, she learned the renter had changed all the locks on the house and changed all the utilities to his name without proof of residence. Cathy called police and learned the tenants had already moved in.

The Troubleshooter team went to the rental property to ask the tenants a few questions. Tim Ward answered the door, and then went back inside to gather what he called his "evidence."

Ward showed us his copy of the lease and explained the $300 paid up front was not to hold the property but was actually prorated rent for the month of June. He told us that he changed the locks because Cathy "continued to come into our property."

The rest of our conversation went like this:

"You do agree that the contract doesn't start until July 1st?"

"No, I don't agree to that."

"But that's what you signed. Your signature is right here. See - this is your signature."

Even with that evidence, police say tenants can't be evicted without an order from the court. "He's already broken his contract and I cannot get him to leave," Cathy said.

Tim told us his family will leave but he didn't say when. In fact, he said, "I don't think that's really none of your business."

The Hardin County prosecutor said if a stranger moves into someone's property, it could be considered burglary; however, there is a relationship between the parties, so this case is considered a civil dispute.

Now Cathy needs to take Tim to small claims court and seek eviction. It is never legal for tenants to change the locks. The property owner should always have access to his or her property.
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Renting can be the Nightmare from HELL! My sister rented out her home to a single mom with 3 kids and they Thrashed it! She ended it up kicking them out after they were 4 months late on rent. She never got her $$$ out of them, she'll never rent again!:smt068
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