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Monty what is the latest with the car??

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Haven't seen any updates in a long time
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1 block + needing 2 sleeves replaced = 4+ months of waiting :smt013
Sad part is it went to two different places... :smt013
Hey Joe, I was out west last week and got back thrusday night. I will drop them off either today or tomorrow depending if I will be on that side of town later.. Thanks for the update.. Hell when did you start working there? I seen your boy at Denny's wedding a couple of weeks ago.. :-D
BTW, Lukovich was not the guy responsible for the delay on the motor or heads.. It was LSM who screwed the sleeve job up and dropped the ball on the cylinder heads... Lukovich is making it right.. :D
I gotta drop off the head studs and they will get it done probably the next day.. Then Im off to building my first turbo motor.. :D
I didn't see you...

The little lady wasn't too happy about my stage appearance.. I guess its bad when the girl says we go way back on the mic eh? :oops: The little lady has pictures to remind me of it everyday... :oops: But chit that was a kick ass party... :-D Who's next?? Maybe me and I'll make sure we throw a blow out party as well.. :-D
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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