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Monty got his ass called out........

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Dog, can you "copy & Paste" as you need to join to view. Thanks, John 8)
MrFast said:
...for Monte when I suck the paint off that Yellow car when I pass it. :shock:

Call me old but I believe Monty just got his ass called out by Jarrod Warner.
Them theres fightin words.! :smt005
NPS Nova said:
Dog, can you "copy & Paste" as you need to join to view. Thanks, John 8)
No one is home sorry. try again later

This must be why Monty took is ass over to Poland, to hide from the ass whoopin :-D
I did, it's the third post on this thread, Jarrod is saying he's going to suck the paint off monty's car when he passes him. :-D
at least it's a proper car...Chebbie that is..... :smt071
now them's fighting words.... :-D
Lets see........

we got us one of deeees

& one of deees,

Wow Im torn, who to pull for? the last time I was pulling for the other guy Monty shut him down.

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VERY good point. ROFLOL.

I bet I could get my Cummins down the track faster than both of them right about now, so I guess we are going to have to wait until it warms up a bit & all that white fluffy stuff clears off.

TTT, Maybe Mr. Mikho could respond today :-D
Bob can you photo shot another turbo on the other side of the one I have? That should give Jarrod a little better idea of whats going under the hood.. :-D
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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