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Monters Hits Friday

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Ok lets post up some tunes that were major hit's
I'll start with Clapton
The Who
1 - 20 of 304 Posts as much as i like music this gives me chills R.I.P to my dad and my brother and who ever lost someone
I hit that and had to shut it off QUICK, makes the wife cry...
How about a few of the bands from the 1983 US Festival Saturday line up
Ozzy (1st show with Jake E Lee)
Van Halen
Quiot Riot
Judas Prest
Motley Crew

Ok who knows which of these bands were the head line act for the day?
...and another THANK GOD FOR YOU TUBE!
I'm going with Ozzy???
I forgot how many times I twisted one off to errr... I mean I really enjoyed her music, yeah, that's it:p
1 - 20 of 304 Posts
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