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Milan Area: Shark Warning

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Great White Shark spotted around All Motor Pits at Milan Dragway.

The Big Game Hunters (Chris U., Butch Kemp and Chris Poli) will try to put him on the trailer home.

The Hunt begins Sept. 2, 2005 at around 3:30pm Dont miss it

Milan Dragway

Beware of the Shark :shock:
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The Latest sighting of the Shark.(aka little white Mustang)
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where about in MICH is Milan hmmm better yet! what is the closest airport ?
About 50 miles southwest of Detroit.

Hope that Helps

Directions at
Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) airport 35 miles away from Track.
Two Hunters have signed up for the Hunt

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Never seen a white shark before,ill be watching. 8)
I heard old boy with the black Chevy won't be there? True?
I wouldn't count them out. They'll have somethere :shock:
Monty, what that guys name with the Yellow Camero in all motor Class?

I believe he is a member of
Bruce is his name.. Bad ass car thats gonna show that little white Mustang of yours the trailer in first round!!
U are right the little black chevy will not be entering the all motor class for the rest of the year. But we will be back next year with bells on.
I ain't gonna be there... I'm about 100 cid from where I need to be for that class.

The 24th is another story. Choose your weapons!!!
Chris U. you just went 9.06.

Bruce, Seeya there
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