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AJPE Teaming With Mike Janis & Jan-Cen Racing Team

Alan Johnson Performance Engines (AJPE) is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Mike Janis & the Jan-Cen Racing Team!
Alan Johnson (pictured, right), owner of AJPE has recently forged an alliance with Mike Janis & Jan-Cen Racing to develop our new 5300 Hemi Outlaw Pro Mod Engine.
An extensive test program is scheduled to begin soon with the first phase to be completed on the Jan-Cen Racing Dyno.
Next it will be onto the race track and into the fire, where Mike Janis (pictured, left) & the entire Jan-Cen Racing Team will once again competing all season during the 2011 ADRL to advance to the “Battle For The Belts” in the always tough and challenging ADRL Pro Extreme class for 2011.
Please stay tuned for the latest 5300 Hemi updates from Mike Janis Racing & AJPE!
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