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Guys...looking for some help. I have a 91 Mustang and bent the shit/broken a bunch of chassis parts. I bent the passenger side solid motor mount and the UPR chromoly k member pad it bolts to. I also bent and broke my AJE trans crossmember. Engine makes 785 to the tire with a trans brake.

I think that k member was weak, the engine pad was .125 thick and has since been updated to a beefier .250 thickness. Once that started to bend I'm sure everything else followed. It folded right on the corner of the motor mount intersects the k member pad.

My question is this...if I get a beefier k member with new solid engine mounts and add a midplate will that be enough to tighten everything up??? I'm hesitant to run a motor plate because of the headache getting it to fit with my blower.
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