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Mid South Bracket Nationals rescheduled for Aug 14-16, 2009

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After watching a deteriorating weather forecast for almost a week, we feel it best to reschedule the Mid South Bracket Nationals for Aug 14-16, 2009.

Rain is forecasted for every day of the event.

With verbal driver commitments from South Carolina to Texas, we believe it prudent to not have racers on the road during bad conditions, nor have them dodging raindrops during the proposed event. As a former driver, nothing is worse than sitting at the track waiting for it to stop raining so a driver can race.

Notice will also be posted on the front page of the MMP website. I will have a full story regarding postponement prepared by tomorrow at noon central.

Enjoy the 4th everyone!

Glynn Williford
731-574-1974 ofc
731-616-5000 cel
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