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it's 7:00 and we're still a long was from being done..I have limited access to internet. Lots of action, oil, etc... plus rain this AM which put us two hours behind. John pretty well summed up the Goodwin incident. They are keeping him in the hospital tonight for observation, but he seems to be fine. FYI...Curran is out. Had to swap motors before quarterfinals...and did...he won the round, but the car was too light at the scales due to the swap...Just spoke to Bob and he said, he really didn't think the engine would drop weight that much, but it did...It's Coble and Orts in the final...winner is champ.
It's Dez and Canella in the SR final...Miller and Robbins in Pro Street final. Gotta go... sorry will have results up in a couple of hours as we're ...I hope.. soon.
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