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Me and my wife are hard working people and she is a groomer from seattle,wa and after meeting her 2months,we have been married for 17 years.we have some ups and downs in health but,keep going.she works in pascagoula,ms as a groomer mon-thur and grroms at home on fri and sat.we have a small building and its called
PURPLE POODLE PET GROOMING.we have a animal rescue operation.
My wife has a web site thats called
we give to the local SPCA and to the
I see alot of you on here hast dogs and cats.If you ask your wifes or mothers or friends that may have a long haired dog or cat and would like to have some bows for their hair.Just let us know and we will send them to ya.she makes them by hand and have different colors and we would like for yall to have some.she has a 20page web site and if yall dont mind look it over and see what you think.We just sent some overseas to a lady for a horse.It was just a idea and just thought that maybe for the female critters,yall would like to put bows in their # is 228-217-5905 -we will be glad to make a order for your colors.we just want to help.
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