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Man, I wish I was around in the 80's era...

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I mean phucking seriously guys/gals... I was born in 87, so i missed the whole glam rock era, and it sucks.... I dunno if its because im drunk or what, but I have been listening to Motley, Ratt, Def, Kix, Faster Pussycat, Warrant, Damn Yankee's, Posion ECT and you know what. THAT was talent, and todays shit is absolutly a fucking disgrace. Seriously, those guys had no voice over, computer edited voice shit. and the fucking rocked it 24/7 I wish I was a part of the earlier era's of music, not just the 80's era, everything before NIRVANA & SKIDROW. They killed rock and roll..

I have been listening to Dr. Feelgood Album for about and hour now.. killing PBR's left & right...
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