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Man, I wish I was around in the 80's era...

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I mean phucking seriously guys/gals... I was born in 87, so i missed the whole glam rock era, and it sucks.... I dunno if its because im drunk or what, but I have been listening to Motley, Ratt, Def, Kix, Faster Pussycat, Warrant, Damn Yankee's, Posion ECT and you know what. THAT was talent, and todays shit is absolutly a fucking disgrace. Seriously, those guys had no voice over, computer edited voice shit. and the fucking rocked it 24/7 I wish I was a part of the earlier era's of music, not just the 80's era, everything before NIRVANA & SKIDROW. They killed rock and roll..

I have been listening to Dr. Feelgood Album for about and hour now.. killing PBR's left & right...
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Being in high school in the 80's was the shit!!!! :supz:
My first concert was YES OU812 and Rush Signals.

I Graduated in 82 street racing was killer back then.
I didn't enter high school til 88 but I still loved it!!!:cool:

And yes, The street scene was off the hook!!

A classic!!!!

Plays in my truck on the way to every race!!! :supz:
can you name the first and 1 millionth video played????

Back when Headbangers Ball had real music that you could understand the lyrics.
Video killed the radio star
winnar winnar chicken dinner.

I made about $100 on a local betting pool at work.
I have won many contests and discussions on that issue.... ;)

I guess all the whiskey,cocaine and whores didn't ruin my memory after all!!! :supz:
The good old days. Can't belive is was that long ago,seems like yesterday.
Yes it does.... :(
But hell,even a few of those bands went "commercial" like metallica and sold their souls for airplay and big $$$.

After MOP metallica lost me,the band pretty much died with Cliff IMO.

As for the death of "metal",it was inevitable the way many of the bands in the scene were back then,too many fans became alienated by those older groups,and the "image based" direction they chose to follow,and then the scene morphed into something completely different,bands like Nirvana saw to that,and IMO that was'nt really a bad thing at all.

So dont dis' that "post glory days of metal" era,there was a ton of good music that came from that era after "metal" bit the dust.

Helmet,Melvins,Quicksand,L7,White Zombie,COC,Toadies,Deftones,Tool,this list could also go on for quite a bit too.

It's really amusing to see how some of you youngsters look back at that era and think ya'll "get it" so much more-so than those of us who lived thru it,been a hoot guys,but I gotta go now.
My cousin is the lead singer of the Melvins.....:cool:
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