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Listen guys (and gals), this is a personal friend of mine and is in a situation that hurts my heart to hear and see. He's fought and fought for so long and now removing couch seat cushions looking for nickels and dimes.

I'm not asking for help in the way of hand-outs but more or less advice to pass on or some in which you can give him personally.

The latest update via discussion forums:

"We ran out of money on the project and the donations dried up. I am in the process of searching for a shop close to me that might be interested in finishing up the car. I am selling my 74 AMX to finish up the Camaro. I also started up a new business to make money for the car. All of my pay that I make in my business will be going to finish the Camaro. EVERY CENT of my pay will go to finishing the car. I WILL finish the car.

If anyone knows of a shop that might be interested, please let me know. I will not be checking the boards much because I am SWAMPED with my business, so please email me at [email protected] or [email protected] if you want!

I am trying like hell to scrounge together the cash to finish the Camaro, so every bit counts."

He has literally been working on this project for years now. If it wasn't for a good wife with a good job, he'd be out of a house and home bound and determined to finish the car for his brother-in-law.
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