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I need you to go out to the polls and make your vote count! It's a very tough job but I decided since we don't have much to choose from and I really am a true American citizen... A legal registered voter who can trace my American heritage back to 1735 through military records and census forms... I am tired of high gas prices, tired of not being able to afford health care insurance for myself or my Family. I'm tired of the government leaching my hard earned money for taxes to feed unwed mothers and providing jobs and free medical-aide and hospitalization to illegal immigrants... I am sick and tired of open borders paving the way for more illegals and possible terrorist to enter our country unimpeded. I am appalled that American students are not allowed a few moments of meditation or silent prayer but they are encouraged to learn about witches, space aliens and homosexuality. I am disgusted by the suggestion that the Pledge Of Allegiance should be changed because it makes reference to "One Nation Under God" and that our money should be changed because our fore-fathers included the words, "In God We Trust." If you too are tired of business as usual and are ready for a real change for the future of our great country...
Johnny Fenn 2008 presidential candidate


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