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Dear Quick 8 Mad Dawg Racer,

I would like to personally THANK YOU for five great years of racing with weight at Mooresville Dragway. As you can see for the upcoming year we’ll be with out weight for the first time since 2006.
Good or bad it is what it is, And will be a OPEN FIELD style run what ch you brung style Quick 8 at the MAY 28TH AND JULY 23RD AT MOORESVILLE DRAGWAY. Again Thanks for you support and we hope to see you at the races in 2011. Remember it’s for the Fun and the Fans

There will be NO Entry Fee for the Car and Driver. IF you PRE-Enter. All you have to do is commit to the May 28 and July 23 races dates 30 days before hand. PRE-Enter and receive special reserved parking of your choice and 4 crew member passes. Also, you can come and Shakedown FREE on Friday before each Mad Dawg event.
General Admission will be $20.00 and Kids Under 16 FREE!
All drivers/crews will be called to the lanes 30 mins before the scheduled time to qualify..
Once the final car(s) are in the waterbox. That is the end of that round.
You have a full hour in between rounds and there should be NO REASON to be late getting to the lanes. We’re here to put a show on for the FANS!
If you break during qualifying and DON'T take the TREE. You will have 5 minutes or until the end of the round to get your repaired. You can't return to the pit area.
1st round of Qualifying- We'll draw out of a hat the order you will go out, your lane choice and run partner.
2nd round of Qualifying - Just alternate your lane and you’ll come out in reverse order.
3rd and Final round of Qualifying- You will go out according to qualifying order from rd 2.
Starting with the slowest to the quickest qualifiers. You’ll be pre-paired and lane choice will go to the quickest ET of round two
We'll use a PRO ladder. #1 VS #8, #2 VS #7, #3 VS #6, #4 VS #5
Lane choice in elimination's by the quickest car.
Please just come to race and NO Bull $h*t…the fans deserve a good show for their money! Thanks

Remember NO RACE ENTRY and 4 FREE CREW PERSON at all Mad Dawg IF you PRE-ENTER. All it cost you is YES…I plan on attending the May 28th and July 23rd Quick 8 Mad Dawg events. So contact Mark today to pre-enter FREE at 336-480-8481 or email [email protected]
DON’T FORGET there isn’t that many FREE Quick 8 and races left here in this area. Where the PURSE is FREE!
Your support is needed at the Two at Mooresville (MAY 28 and JULY 23) and Four at Farmington (April 23, June 25, August 6th and September 24th) we need your support…….THANKS!

Quick 8 Mad Dawg Purse for May 28th and July 23rd Races at Mooresville Dragway
(Quickest 8 Mad Dawg Qualifiers)
WIN……………. …….. .$3,000.00
Runner-up …............... $1,200.00
Semi-finalist…................ $
1st Rd Losers that Qualify $500.00

If we have 4 non-Qualifiers that have run quicker than a 4.50 ET we’ll have a Lil Dawg Race.
WIN-$400.00, Runner-up $200.00 and 1st round loser $100.00
If not, then the 9th and 10th non-qualified drivers will receive $200.00 each alternate money.
If a driver goes in a Qualified drivers place they will receive just the $200.00 alternate money.
If they win the first round then they’ll be eligible for semi, ru-up and win monies.
Mad Dawg Extra's for 2011
Mega Machine, Inc. MAD DAWG 3 second Elite 8 Club- The first EIGHT Mad Dawg drivers recording a 3 second run at the MAY or JULY MAD DAWG races will be the Elite Members for life at the dirty MO. You must record the 3 second pass during a OFFICIAL Mad Dawg Qualifying run OR Elimination’s run. Shakedowns, T-N-T, etc doesn’t count. Each ELITE Member will receive a Mega Machine, Inc. “CNC Machined collectable THREE second award. MJ Printing will present each member a 2x4 Trailer Poster of their 3 second Pass. Plans are now for a Mad Dawg ELITE 3 second MEMBERS race. Sponsorship support would make this idea come true. Contact MJ @ 336-480-8481
DAWG SHOOTOUT on the Final Qualifying Lap back again 2011!
The #1 and #2 Qualifiers going into the final round of Mad Dawg qualifying will square off in a friendly little "Grudge Match" at all four events. Up for grabs besides the braggin rights will be a extra $200.00 cash bonus.

"Dawg the Bounty Hunter" for the #1 Man Still Up for Grabs in 2011
That's right! There will be a bounty on the #1 Qualifier at each Mad Dawg race in 2010. IF the #8 man takes out the #1 Man (qualifier) in round one he will pick up an extra $200.00. If he doesn't get the job done, then that $200.00 will roll over until the next dawg event and IF the #1 man is never defeated then drivers that were #1 will share in that Bounty!

Quick 8 Mad Dawg Rules
Chassis-All cars must use a full frame meeting SFI 25-1E or 25.2 spec with current IHRA certification prior to competition (See IHRA general regulations for definitions.) Funny car roll cage mandatory.
Driver restraint (Seat Belts) - SFI spec 16-1 mandatory within 2 year expiration of date of manufacture. (See general regulations IHRA rulebook.) Hans Device Recommended.
Parachutes -Required on all vehicles. Dual chutes required on all vehicles reaching speeds of over 160 mph.
Window Net - Mandatory meeting the SFI 27-1 specifications. (See general regulations in IHRA rulebook.)
Protective Clothing-A driver suit meeting SFI 3.2A/15, gloves and shoes meeting 3.3/5. SFI approved head and neck restraint device mandatory.
Helmet - SN 2000 or newer or SFI 31.1, 31.2, 41.1, 41.2 mandatory. Any supercharged or nitrous assisted vehicle must use a 31.2 or 41.2 full-face helmet.
Fire extinguisher system -5 lb. fire extinguisher system mandatory. Minimum 1 nozzle on drivers side in front of feet. 1 nozzle in front of the engine. Safety pins must be red flagged. (See IHRA general regulations in IHRA rulebook.)
Licensing - All drivers must have at least a current IHRA Top Sportsman Class B license. NHRA. Mooresville Dragway reserves the right to make additions deemed necessary in the interest of safety.
Body - Full bodies cars only, no funny car style bodies. All vehicles must have working and accessible doors and hoods. No age limit on cars.
Wheelbase and Overhang - Minimum 100” with a 2” variation from left to right. Maximum wheel base 115”; trucks full size 140”; S-10 Dakota or Ranger 125”. Front overhang limited to 43” from the front spindle. Vehicle with less than 43” may add 1 extension to compensate for the difference, but the extension must be approved.
Ground Clearance - Minimum 3” from front end to 12” behind the spindle-2” remainder of car.
Brakes -Four wheel brakes mandatory on all vehicles.
Wheels -Bead locks mandatory on all entries-maximum width 16”.
Headlights and Taillights -Vehicles with factory equipped hideaway headlights may retain daylight appearance. Headlights or running lights (fog) recommended for night operation. Decals in stock location accepted. Taillights must be operation during all runs at night.
Dashboard- Opitional
Spoiler In an effort to increase car counts all spoiler restrictions have been lifted. This includes restrictions on molded spoilers and weight additions. However, track management reserves the right to make adjustments and/or weight additions at any time if it is determined to be in the best interest of the competition.
Computers/Data Records - Allowed, crew members cannot activate the computer from the outside after the vehicle has staged.
Delay Boxes - OK
Traction Control- optional.
Batteries/Starters - All vehicles must have an onboard bolted on starter and battery. Drivers must start the vehicle from inside the car. Maximum of two batteries. Battery jump off will be allowed behind the wall only. (If a vehicle loses fire inside the wall if must be able to start on its own. If directed by a Mooresville official to shutoff, the vehicle will be allowed a jump start inside the wall one time.)
Starting Line Aids - Electronic RPM limiters allowed on converter equipped supercharged entries only. The use of pneumatic limiters is permitted. No aids such as optical sensors, down track stutter boxes and throttle stops allowed.
Radiators- Optional.
Exhaust - Exhaust must be directed out of the car body, rearward and away from the driver and fuel system.
Transmissions- No restrictions. Transbrake allowed. Must have a dedenbear SFI approved case.
Fuel - Only one power additive allowed. Gasoline or alcohol with NOS allowed. Nitro methane prohibited. No upper lubricates allowed.
Blowers – No Screw type blower
Nitrous- Maximum of two bottles, 15 lbs maximum per bottle. No bottle may be turned on until after the burnout is complete. All nitrous bottles must be within a 5 year expiration date and have the pressure rating clearly stamped on the bottle.

Mark Joyce
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