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I’m about switch from Hoosier 275/60/15 DR2s to the captioned 28x10.5/15 biased ply slicks and wanted to hear from anyone who may have ran this slick on their C6 or if anyone has done a comparison of them to a 28” drag radial on an auto trans car.
The reason for the switch is that traction is hard to come by at our local 1/8 track, due to the surface being old and rough and usually poorly prepped. The 275s book decent, but after adding a nitrous kit (w/ 100hp jetting) to my car, I was only able to pick up a couple of tenths (5.99 @ 119 vs. 6.2 @ 112 on boost only), with my car sliding around a bit at mid-track. My best 60’ to date is a 1.41.
The 3055S is a stiff sidewall, so since I don’t have bead lock wheels and I don’t want to have to drill the rims for bead screws, I’m thinking of just running them without tubes and glue them to the wheels with Hi-tack or 3M Super rubber adhesive.
Any tips on tire pressure, shock settings, etc., on a C5/C6 Vette or other IRS car would be greatly appreciated.
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