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First off I want to take a moment and say that Royce, Jason and the entire MIR staff have a handle on that track that no other in the country I've been too has. When you can have track temps in the high 140's and it pull a 3000HP turbo motor down and not get enough wheel speed you are some bad dudes. I think the entire facility from track surface down to the restrooms are top notch and it's one of my favorite places to race.

I need to thank my highly paid crew lol... Starting with my crew chief Kenny Lutz and co crew chief Patrick "whats up bitches" Barnhill, these two gave me the baddest ride on the property and we are extremly proud to now hold the ET and MPH record for the Pro Street class at [email protected] the MPH is also a MIR track record too not to mention winning the event too. The team leader is my wife Angie, she keeps us all feed (very well) and keeps us focused on the task at hand and that's winning races. Megan (Kennys GF) helps out on the car and will jump in and do about anything needed from cleaning 12 quarts of oil off the car to waxing it. My daughter Kourtney well she's at the races and that's about it lol..

None of this is possible without the help of many great companies and I will thank each one below.

Turbos by Garrett - The new GTX series turbos are as bad as they come when it comes to high performance turbochargers and they're safe which is a huge added bonus. Look for many cars not just ours to be breaking records around the country as more get these on their cars.

Scott " The Bullet" Braskett for building me the best car and engines you can have. He is one bad dude that can literally fix anything on the car from top to bottom and front to rear. Tony " The Pellet" Curry helps out a bunch too at the shop.

PTP Racing - Jason and Patrick are fun to be around and they help us out on calls between rounds which a 2nd or 3rd pair of eyes can always help when it comes to making record setting decisions.

Tial Products - The new Stainless housing are the best thing since sliced bread these bad boy have the spooling characteristics of a smaller housing and the lower back pressure numbers of a big housing. The wastegates and bov are excelent too.

Protorque converters - Joe hands down has the best design ever known to man when it comes to turbos and a converter.

Rossler Transmission - Our 210XHD hasn't missed a beat and I'm not sure we can break it because we keep trying and it keeps living.

BS3 - The big stuff 3 system is the only fuel injection system we run and it's great to work with.

Racepack - Our car runs the Racepak dash and data logger to monitor everything on our car and what a great system it is.

Marcella Manifolds - John builds the baddest intakes on the planet and our car uses no fuel correction to make up for a bad intake design.

Comp cams - These guys make some HP in our motor for sure.

Firecore Wires - Rick and his wires puts the fire into the holes on this bad boy.

MSD - We run the Grid box and fire our ride up with a MSD starter.

VP Fuels - Jason and the guys at VP is the only fuel we run, there may be cheaper fuel but there is none any better. When we do our fuel checks I know my fuel is going to pass because of the quality control they have on their end.

Moroso - This keeps the oil in the pan.

Magnafuel - Robbie and the gang have great products that supply our motor with the fuel need to run these numbers.

Stainless Works - George and the gang up there cut our current headers apart and rewelded them so we can make maximum boost.

Hank Hill for working with us on the chassis set up.

Jeff Lutz for being a great friend and welding more stuff at the track than anyone could ever imagine. Jeff welded our header for us knowing we had to run each other in the finals.

Diamond Pistons is the only thing that goes in our motor.

Fowler Engines for always getting something in and out for repair when needed in a hurry.

Lithium Pro batteries - John and LP have been starting our car and make some of the best batteries on the market.

Sanders wheels - We run Sanders on the rear of our car and they handle the power with no issues at all.

If I forgot anyone please accept my apologies I will get you on the next one.

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Great outing Bill, it was great seeing you put the coals to it this past weekend!
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