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Hi all as the title states I’m looking for advice as to what boost I should make my max. I have finished the fabrication of all the turbo piping now just need to do final assembly

Parts I have are as follows

2 bolt lt1
arp main studs
stock crank
scat 5.7 h beam rods
wiseco forged -15cc pistons
cometic MLS head gasket
stock heads ported intake and exhaust unknown flow
ARP Head studs
scorpion 1.6 RR
lunati 282/290, Lift .535/.550 cam and springs,
full dry sump
Msd 7al-3 plus
msd distributor
single plane manifold
blow through efi
e85 fuel
9.1 compression
twin gt3582 turbos air to air intercooled

I know it’s not an ideal parts list for a build but I have managed to pickup almost everything from other people’s unfinished builds or leftovers, the only thing I had to buy from a retailer was the head gaskets and the studs. I will do heads and a more suitable cam one day when I can afford it

What are the limits of the 2 bolt mains?

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