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Hi all im just after some guidance from the turbo experts out there.
Cut a long story short, I live in the U.K. and searched for a company to make me a single turbo kit where I could keep the ac and also a rear exit exhaust.
I found a company in the US who make kits for c6’s but it has not gone smoothly and has cost me £15k to purchase and install this kit.
It consists of custom headers with 2.5” crossover pipe from driver to passenger header, 80lb injectors, bap, Xs power bov/wastegate (thought I was getting tial), bw 369sxe turbo.
Problem im having is that the turbo will not go beyond 9psi max, beyond this it causes all sorts of problems and the car seems to hit a wall.
I went to a garage today who said they could rebuild the passenger header so it’s higher up and allow a 3/3.5” downpipe to fit (currently 2.5” downpipe). Also to reroute the wastegate to atmosphere as at the minute it seems to point straight at the turbo outlet. All this will cost near enough £2k to do.

Now will this sort the issues im experiencing or should I also upgrade the turbo also to the likes of bullseye 76mm, pte7675, comp 7685 at the same time. It just seems to be more and more money but this kit really doesn’t work well at all.
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