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ls efi intakes

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I am currently trying to decide and efi manifolds. Everyone is quick to say Fast 92mm but I thinking victor jr. efi with an elbow. The engine is a ls1 with heads and cam in an 87 monte carlo so I plenty of room under the hood. Can anyone give me some definite answers like dyno tests or personal experience. I have an LS6 intake on there now.
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Vic jr with a top mount tb and a 1" spacer. You have to have the cam match or it will not do what you want.l To many guy have a cam for a stock style intake then put a vic on with an elbow and lose low end tq. change the cam and they would pick it back up plus some.
What do you guys think of the new Pro-flow XT manifold by edelbrock?

Begging for a kit underneigth
Super vic is 4150 but can be made to a 4500. there is also enough material to mount a monoblade on top a 4150 flange. We had a 105 on one.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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