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ls efi intakes

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I am currently trying to decide and efi manifolds. Everyone is quick to say Fast 92mm but I thinking victor jr. efi with an elbow. The engine is a ls1 with heads and cam in an 87 monte carlo so I plenty of room under the hood. Can anyone give me some definite answers like dyno tests or personal experience. I have an LS6 intake on there now.
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I went with the Vic Jr. from an LS6. If I had to do it again, I think I would have went with a FAST. On the spray I like my Vic, it pulls hard past 7K but, I lost alot of low end TQ on motor. I didn't swap the cam to match the intake though so the low end is my own fault.
Fast = overpriced

Single plane with elbow is a better cost efficient setup. You will loose a little bottom end but if your running a good size stall then you wont notice it then. LS motors love the top end.

I had a elbow with a 5K stall, and still felt the difference. When everything is said and done I think the cost is really close to a FAST setup. Between rails, fittings, etc.

Now I have a 4150 TB on top of the intake, and love it.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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